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Email Marketing Software and Marketing Automation from dotdigital.

dotdigital Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
Update Contact Updates a contact by ID Action
Get Contact By Email Gets a contact by email address Action
Add Contact To Address Book Adds a contact to a given address book Action
Get Modified Contacts Gets a list of contacts modified since step last run Action
Delete Contact Deletes a contact by ID Action
Delete Contact From Address Book Deletes a contact from a given address book Action
Get New Contacts Gets a list of contacts created since step last run Action
Add Transactional Data To Contact Adds a single piece of transactional data to a contact. Action
Replace Transactional Data By Key Replaces a piece of transactional data by key. Action
Delete Transactional Data By Key Deletes a piece of transactional data by key. Action
Get Transactional Data By Key Gets a piece of transactional data by key. Action
Get Transactional Data Collection For Contact By Email Gets a list of up to 100 of the most recent transactional data records for a contact in a collection by their email address. Action
Get New Suppressed Contacts Gets a list of suppressed contacts since the last run along with the reason for suppression. Action
Get New Unsubscribed Contacts Gets a list of unsubscribed contacts since the last run. Action
Unsubscribe Contact Unsubscribes contact from account Action
Resubscribe Contact Resubscribes a previously unsubscribed contact Action
Create or Update A Contact Creates or updates a contact Action

Address Books

Feature Description Type
Delete Address Book Deletes an address book by ID Action
Get Address Books Gets all address books Action
Get Private Address Books Gets all private address books Action
Get Public Address Books Gets all public address books Action
Update Address Book Updates an address book Action
Create Address Book Creates an address book Action


Feature Description Type
Get All Campaigns Gets all campaigns Action
Get Campaign Opens Gets a list of opens for a campaign since the step last ran Action
Get Campaign Clicks Gets a list of clicks for a campaign since the step last ran Action
Send Campaign Send a campaign. Action
Send Time Optimised Campaign Send a time optimised campaign. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Message Status Get Message Status. Action
Get Message Analytics Get Message Analytics Action
List Conversations Retrieves a list of all available conversations. Action
Send Messages Sends a batch of messages. Action
Message Failed Event Message Failed Event. Webhook
Message Events Message events sent, delivered, read, expired, failed, inbound Webhook
Message Sent Event Message Sent Event Webhook
Message Delivered Event Message Delivered Event Webhook
Message Expired Event Message Expired Event Webhook
Inbound Event Combined Inbound event (all types) Webhook
Message Read Event Message Read Event Webhook
Chat Event Looks for the following events. create, channelUpdated,update teamChanged, closed, delete, participantAdded, participantRemoved, status, sent, delivered, read Webhook
Chat Channel Updated Event Chat Channel Updated Event Webhook
List Templates Retrieves a list of all available templates Action
Chat Created Event Chat Created Event. Webhook
Chat Deleted Event Webhook Event. Webhook
Chat Participant Added Event Chat Participant Added Event Webhook
Chat Participant Removed Event Chat Participant Removed Event. Webhook
Chat Status Event Chat Status Event. Webhook
Chat Team Changed Event Chat Team Changed Event. Webhook
Chat Delivered Event Chat Delivered Event. Webhook
Chat Read Event Chat Read Event Webhook
Chat Sent Event Chat Sent Event Webhook
Chat Updated Event Chat Updated Event Webhook
Chat Closed Event Chat Closed Event. Webhook
Send SMS Messages Sends a batch of SMS messages. Action
Inbound SMS Message inbound event SMS. Webhook
Inbound Facebook Message Message inbound Facebook message. Webhook
Inbound Twitter Message Twitter Direct Message Webhook
Inbound App Message Message inbound app message. Webhook


Feature Description Type
Get New Surveys With Activity Gets a list of surveys in the account that have changed since the last run. Action


Feature Description Type
Create Enrolment Creates a program enrolment. Action
Get Programs Action

Transactional Email

Feature Description Type
Send Transactional Email Sends a transactional email. Action
Send Transactional Email Using A Triggered Campaign Sends a transactional email using a triggered campaign. Action
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