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FastSpring is the trusted ecommerce partner for software companies around the world.

FastSpring Connector Methods


List All AccountsGet a List of All Account IDs. Action
Create AccountCreate a New Account. Action
Get Account by IDGet an Account by ID. Action
Update AccountUpdate an Account. Action
Get Account by EmailGet an Account by Email. Action
Get Account by ParameterGet an Account by Listed Parameter. Action


Create CouponCreate a New Coupon. Action
Get CouponGet a Coupon by ID. Action
List CouponsGet a List of All Coupon IDs. Action
Get Coupon CodesGet Codes Assigned to a Coupon. Action
Add Coupon CodeAdd Code to a Coupon. Action
Delete Coupon CodesDelete Codes Assigned to a Coupon. Action
Update CouponUpdate a Coupon. Action


List OrdersGet a List of All Order IDs. Action
Get OrderGet Orders by ID. Action
Create OrderCreate a New Order. Action
List Orders by ParameterGet a List of All Orders by Listed Parameter. Action


List ProductsGet a List of All Products IDs. Action
Get ProductGet Products by ID. Action
Create ProductCreate a New Product. Action
Update ProductUpdate a Product. Action


Get ReturnGet Returns by ID. Action


List SubscriptionsGet a List of All subscription IDs. Action
Get SubscriptionGet Subscriptions by ID. Action
Get Subscription Instance EntriesGet a Subscription's Instance Entries. Action
Update SubscriptionUpdate a Subscription. Action
Cancel Subscription(s)Cancel Subscriptions by ID. Action
Uncancel SubscriptionUncancel a Cancelled Subscription Instance prior to deactivation. Action


List Processed EventsGet a List of all Processed Events. Action
List Unprocessed EventsGet a List of all Unprocessed Events. Action


Account CreatedWebhook notification that an Account has been created. Webhook
Subscription ActivatedWebhook notification that a Subscription has been activated. Webhook
Subscription CancelledWebhook notification that a Subscription has been cancelled. Webhook
Subscription Charge CompletedWebhook notification that a charge to a Subscription has been completed. Webhook
Subscription Charge FailedWebhook notification that a Subscription Charge has failed. Webhook
Subscription DeactivatedWebhook notification that a Subscription has been deactivated. Webhook
Subscription Payment OverdueWedbhook notification that a Subscription Payment is overdue. Webhook
Subscription Payment ReminderWebhook notificaiton that a Subscription Payment reminder is due. Webhook
Subscription Trial ReminderWebhook notification that a trial periood of a Subscription has ended. Webhook
Subscription UpdatedWebhook notification that a Subscription has been updated. Webhook
Fulfilment FailedWebhook notification that one of more actions failed during Order fulfilment. Webhook
Mailing List Entry RemovedWebhook notification that an entry is expected to be removed from a mailing list Webhook
Mailing List Entry UpdatedWebhook notification that there is an updated entry in a Mailing List. Webhook
Order Approval PendingWebhook notification that approval is required before an order can be completed. Webhook
Order CancelledWebhook notification that an order has been cancelled. Webhook
Order CompletedWebhook notification that an order has been completed. Webhook
Order FailedWebhook notification that an Order has failed. Webhook
Order Payment PendingWebhook notificaiton that an Order payment is pending. Webhook
Payout Entry CreatedWebhook notificaiton that a payout event has been created - e.g. for an order, split pay rule, return etc. Webhook
Return CreatedWebhook notification that a refund or a return has been created. Webhook


Create SessionCreate a New Session. Action
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