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GoCardless offer a comprehensive platform for collecting recurring payments, ideal for businesses with subscription revenue models such as SaaS providers, eLearning courses, utilities and media service amongst others.

With Cyclr and GoCardless you can automatically integrate your payment information into all your essential cloud applications, automating processes such as invoice generation, CRM updating, data integrity management and much more.

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Case Studies

How Cyclr integrates and automates GoCardless

Let Your Team Know About Sales Wins

Your sales team will be working on multiple opportunities and deals at all times, celebrating the wins may not always be feasible. But what if you could automatically let everyone in your team know about each other's wins?

By integrating your billing system and you messaging channel, such as Slack, you can do just that! Automatically post on your chosen channel to praise your team and give them that extra boost to go on and close more!

Automate Invoicing & Subscription Services

Those who create subscription based services often rely on several applications to handle billing and invoicing, causing a lot of admin to keep records up to scratch. But what if that could be automated? Well, luckily it can be!

You can create automation workflows that are triggered when a new invoice or mandate is created, or a payment made, allowing you to pass customer billing and purchase information to your invoicing and sales order system. Why not add in the details to your CRM too; giving you a complete view of your business.

Pre-built GoCardless integrations

Try any of these GoCardless integrations, no account required

Send a message to your Slack sales channel when a GoCardless mandate is created

Update your sales team automatically by notifying them on Slack that a new mandate has been created in GoCardless.

Customer retention - create a follow up note in Pipedrive to contact customers who have cancelled Direct Debit

Alert your sales and retention teams to a customer subscription cancellation, with this account management workflow. A new Pipedrive activity is created on a customer when a GoCardless subscription is cancelled.

Add GoCardless customers to Chargify

Keep you billing details automatically up to date with this workflow. This billing automation adds GoCardless customers to your Chargify account as new contacts if they aren't already listed.

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GoCardless Features

Full list of all GoCardless API methods that we provide.

Bank Accounts

Feature Description Type
Create Bank Account Creates a new corporate customer. action
Disable Bank Account Disables a customer bank account which immediately cancels all associated mandates and cancellable payments. action
Get Bank Account Returns the details of a specific bank account. get
List Bank Accounts (All) Returns a list of all bank accounts. get
List Bank Accounts (Customer) Returns a list of all bank accounts for a specific customer. get


Feature Description Type
Create Customer (Company) Creates a new corporate customer. action
Create Customer (Individual) Creates a new private individual customer. action
Get Customer Returns details about a single Customer . get
List Customers Updates details on the Customer record. get
Update Customer Updates details on the Customer record. action


Feature Description Type
Mandate Created Triggers when a mandate is created. webhook
New Event Reports when an event occurs to a mandate or payment. webhook
Payment Created Triggers when a payment is created. webhook


Feature Description Type
Cancel Mandate Cancels a Mandate. action
Create Mandate Creates a new mandate. action
Get Mandate Gets details of a Mandate. get
List Mandates (All) Lists all Mandates. get
List Mandates (Customer) Lists all Mandates. get


Feature Description Type
Cancel Payment Cancels a payment. action
Create Payment Creates a new payment object. Payments can be created against 'pending submission' and 'submitted' as well as 'active' mandates. action
Get Payment Gets details of a paymnet get
List Payments (All) Lists all payments get
List Payments (Customer) Lists all payments get


Feature Description Type
Cancel Subscription Cancels a subscription. action
Create Subscription Creates a subscription which is a schedule of payments. action
List Subscriptions (All) Lists all subscriptions. get
List Subscriptions (Customer) Lists all subscriptions. get
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