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Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
List All Orders Get a List of All Orders. Action
Get New Orders Get a List of All Orders created after the last run time. Action
Get Order Get a single Order by ID. Action
Get Order by Customer Get all Orders by Customer ID. Action
Get Billing Address Get Billing Address by Order ID. Action
Get Shipping Address Get Shipping Address by Order ID. Action
Get Order Items Get Details of Items attached to an Order. Action
Refund Order Refund an Order. Action
Create an Order Cart Create an Empty cart to start a new Order. Action
Add Item to Cart Add an item to a customer's cart. Action
Estimate Shipping Costs Calculate Shipping Costs by the address ID of an order. Action
Set Shipping/Billing Information Add Shipping/billing information to an order. Action
Set Payment Method Add payment method to an order. Action
Update Order Status Update the Status of an existing Order Action


Feature Description Type
List All Customers Get a List of All Customers. Action
Get Customer Get a Customer Record by ID. Action
Get Newsletter Subscription Status Get a Customer and Check their Newsletter Subscription Status. Action
Delete Customer Delete a Customer Record. Action
Delete Customer Address Delete Customer Address by ID. Action
Get Customer Address Get a Customer Address by Address ID. Action
Update Customer Update a Customer Record. Action
List Updated Users with No Address. List Updated Users with no listed Default Billing address. Action
Create Customer Create Customer account. Action
Get Customer's Access Token Retrieves the Access Token of a given Customer. Action


Feature Description Type
Delete Product Delete a Product by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). Action
Get Product Get info about product by product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Action
Get Product Image Details Retrieves information about images associated with a specified product. Action
Update Product Update a product's information. Action
Create Product Tier Price Append a product's tier price. Action
List Products Retrieve a list of all products. Action
List Products By Category Retrieves all products associated with the specified category. Action
Get Product Quantity Get a products quantity. Action
Get Product Salability Checks if a product is able to sold. Action
List New Products Get a list of all Products created since the last run time. Action
Create Product Create a Product. Action
List Product Types Retrieves available product types. Action

Product Categories

Feature Description Type
Delete Product Category Deletes the specified product category. Action
Get Product Category Retrieves information about the specified product category. Action
Add Product To Category Assigns a product to a category. Action
Remove Product From Category Removes the product assignment from a category. Action
Lists Product Categories Retrieves all product categories. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Stock Item Allows you to get information on a single stock item. Action
Update Stock Item Update a stock item. Action
Delete Stock Item Delete a stock item. Action
List Stock Items Retrieve a list of existing stock items and details about them. Action
Create Stock Item Create a stock item. Action


Feature Description Type
List Invoices Lists Invoices. Action
Get Invoice Get an invoice in Magento. Action
List Invoice Comments Lists invoice comments. Action
List New Invoices Lists new Invoices. Action
Create Invoice Create a new Invoice in Magento Action
Upsert Invoice Comment Create or Update a new Invoice Comment in Magento Action


Feature Description Type
List Shipments List Shipments. Action
Get Shipment Get a Shipment. Action
Get Shipment Comments Get a Shipments Comments. Action
Get Shipment Label Get a Shipment Label. Action
List New Shipments List new Shipments. Action
List Updated Shipments List updated Shipments. Action

Credit Memos

Feature Description Type
List Credit Memos List all Credit Memos. Action
Get Credit Memo Get a specific Credit Memo. Action
Get Credit Memo Comments Get a specific Credit Memo's comments. Action
Upsert Credit Memo Comments Create or Update a comment for a specific Credit Memo. Action
List New Credit Memos List all new Credit Memos. Action
List Updated Credit Memos List all updated Credit Memos. Action
Create Credit Memo Create a Credit Memo. Action
Refund Credit Memo Refund a Credit Memo. Action

Customer Group Categories

Feature Description Type
List Customer Group Categories List Customer Group Categories. Action
Get Customer Group Category Get a Customer Group Category. Action


Feature Description Type
List Inventory Sources List all Inventory Sources. Action
Get Inventory Source Get an Inventory Source. Action
List Inventory Source Items List all Inventory source items. Action
List Stock Sources List a stocks sources ordered by priority. Action
List Stock Source Links List a stocks sources link. Action
Update Inventory Source Update an inventory source. Action
Create Inventory Source Item Create an inventory source item. Action
Delete Stock Source Link Delete a stock source link. Action
Create Inventory Source Create an inventory source. Action

Product Links

Feature Description Type
List Product Link Type Attributes Retrieves information about the attributes of the specified product link type. Action
List Product's Links Retrieves a list of links for the specified product. Action
Create Product Link Links one or more products to the specified product. Action
Delete Product Link Removes the link between two products. Action
Save Product Link Saves a product link. Action
List Product Link Types Retrieves information about available product link types. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Product Custom Attributes Internal use. Get a products internal attributes. Action
Get Product Custom Attributes [for list] Internal use. Get a products internal attributes. Action
Get Product Custom Attributes [for get] Internal use. Get a products internal attributes. Action
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