Integrate Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Provide your users with in-app integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enterprise identity service provides SSO and multi-factor authentication to help protect your users from 99.9 per cent of cybersecurity attacks.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
List User's Group Memberships Retrieves the specified user's group memberships. Action
List Users Retrieves all users. Action
Get User Retrieves a single user by ID. Action
Get User's Manager Retrieves details of a user's manager. If now manager found exits via false path. Action
List New Users Retrieves all users created since the last time this action was executed. Action


Feature Description Type
List Groups Retrieves all groups. Action
List Group Members Retrieves all members of the specified group. Action
Get Group Retrieves a single group by ID. Action


Feature Description Type
List Rooms Retrieves all rooms in a tenant. Action
List Room Lists Retrieves all room lists in a tenant. Action
List Rooms By Room List Retrieves all rooms in the specified room list. Action


Feature Description Type
List Owned Devices Retrieves devices that are owned by the user. Action
List Registered Devices Retrieves the user's registered devices. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Organization Retrieves the properties and relationships of the currently authenticated organization. Action
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