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Optimizely is the world's leading progressive delivery & experimentation platform. Empowering engineering, product & marketing teams ship high-quality code & experiences faster & with data-driven confidence in the results.

Optimizely Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
List Attributes List Attributes. Action
Delete Attribute Delete an Attribute. Action
Get Attribute Read an Attribute. Action
Update Attribute Update an Attribute. Action


Feature Description Type
List Audiences List Audiences. Action
Get Audience Read an Audience. Action
Update Audience Update an Audience. Action
Create Audience Create an Audience. Action

Impressions Usage

Feature Description Type
List Impression Usage Request List Impressions Usages. Action
Get Impressions Usage Summary Request Get Impressions Usage Summary. Action


Feature Description Type
List Campaigns List Campaigns. Action
Create Campaign Create a Campaign. Action
Delete Campaign Delete a Campaign. Action
Get Campaign Read a Campaign. Action
Update Campaign Update a Campaign. Action
Get Campaign Results Get Campaign results. Action

Change History

Feature Description Type
List Change History Retrieve changes for a project. Action


Feature Description Type
List Environments Get Environments by Project. Action
Delete Environment Archive an Environment. Action
Get Environment Read an Environment. Action
Update Environment Update an Environment Action
Get Datafile Read the datafile of an Environment. Requires custom fields to map the datafiles data. Action
Create Environment Create an Environment. Action


Feature Description Type
List Events List all Events. Action
Get Event Get Event by ID. Action
Create In-Page Event Create an In-Page Event. Action
Delete In-Page Event Delete an In-Page Event. Action
Update In-Page Event Update an In-Page Event. Action
Create Custom Event Create a Custom Event. Action
Delete Custom Event Delete a Custom Event. Action
Update Custom Event Update a Custom Event. Action


Feature Description Type
List Experiments List Experiments. Action
Create Experiment Create an Experiment. Action
Delete Experiment Delete an Experiment. Action
Get Experiment Read an Experiment. Action
Update Experiment Update an Experiment. Action
Get Experiment Results Get Experiment results. Action
Get Experiment Time Series Get Experiment results time series. Action
get_experiment_results_csv Get Experiment results as a CSV Action


Feature Description Type
List Experiment Sections Read all the Sections in a Multivariate Test. Action
Create Section Create a new Section in a Multivariate Test. Action
Delete Section Archive a Section by ID. Action
Get Section Read a Section of a Multivariate Test Action
Update Section Update a Section by ID. Action

Export Credentials

Feature Description Type
Get Enriched Events Export Credentials Get AWS credentials to access enriched events dataset. Action


Feature Description Type
List Extensions List Extensions. Action
Delete Extension Archive an Extension Action
Get Extension Get an Extension. Action
Update Extension Update an Extension. Action
Create Extension Create an Extension. Action


Feature Description Type
List Features Get Features by Project. Action
Delete Feature Archive a Feature. Action
Get Feature Read a Feature. Action
Update Feature Update a Feature. Action
Create Feature Create a Feature. Action


Feature Description Type
List Groups List Exclusion Groups. Action
Delete Group Archive an Exclusion Group. Action
Get Group Get an Exclusion Group. Action
Update Group Update an Exclusion Group. Action
Create Group Create an Exclusion Group. Action

List Attributes

Feature Description Type
List "List Attributes" Get list attributes by project. Action
Delete List Attribute Archive a List Attribute Action
Get List Attribute Read a List Attribute. Action
Update List Attribute Update a List Attribute. Action
Create List Attribute Create a List Attribute. Action


Feature Description Type
List Pages List Pages. Action
Delete Page Delete a Page. Action
Get Page Read a Page. Action
Update Page Update a Page. Action
Create Page Create a Page. Action


Feature Description Type
List Projects List Projects. Action
Get Project Read a Project. Action
Update Project Update a Project. Action
Create Project Create a Project. Action

Subject Access Requests

Feature Description Type
List Subject Access Requests By Account List Subject Access Requests. Action
Get Subject Access Request Get Subject Access Request Action
Create Subject Access Request Create a Subject Access Request Action


Feature Description Type
Get Plan Get Plan & Usage information for all products. Action
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