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Pre-built Sendible integrations

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Add New Salesforce Contacts to Sendible

Automatically add new contacts entered into your Salesforce CRM to your Sendible contact list! This cycle checks to see if the contact is already in Sendible, creating a new contact if they're not found.

Add New Salesforce Leads to Sendible

Automatically create new lead contacts in Sendible when a new lead is created in Salesforce. This cycle checks for existing contacts, only creating one if a duplicate isn't found.

Add New Capsule Contacts to Sendible

This cycle automatically adds new contacts from your Capsule CRM to Sendible, checking to see if they are already in your customer list.

Add & enhance new Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts in your Sendible account

Automatically add, update and enhance new contact information in your Sendible email marketing account once a new contact is added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Add and enhance contact details added to Sendible from website form

Automatically add and enhance contact details from users who have submitted a form on your website. This workflow checks to see if the user is already in Sendible, passing them through FullContact to enhance records if they are not, then adding them as a new contact.

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Sendible Features

Full list of all Sendible API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Create Contact Create a new contact. action
Delete Contact Delete an existing contact. action
Get Contact Retrieve an existing contact. get
Get Contacts Retrieve a list of contacts associated with the user's account. get
Update Contact Update an existing contact. action
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