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Pre-built Slack integrations

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Notify Marketing Team in Slack that a Pure360 Campaign has been Sent

Let your marketing team know when a campaign has been sent with this Pure360 and Slack integration!

Add new website contacts to Highrise CRM and notify Slack sales channel

Sync your website to your business systems with this cycle. This automation workflow enhances new Gravity Form entries with FullContact before sending it to Highrise where it is added as new contact or updated an existing contact. Your sales Slack channel is notified of the new contact.

Notify purchasing Slack channel that a Magento product has gone below stocking threashold

Make sure your eCommerce store doesn't run out of stock with this cycle. When a product on your Magento store falls below its minimum stocking amount a message is sent to your purchasing Slack channel.

Notify your Marketing Slack channel everytime someone orders a ticket for your event

Let your marketing team know when someone has ordered a ticket for your Eventbrite event by automatically posting in their Slack channel when an order is made.

Sing your sales team's praises on Slack when they close a Capsule opportunity

Make sure your sales team get credit when they win an opportunity on Capsule by singing their praises on Slack when it is 100% closed!

Post Newly Won Deals to Slack

When a deal status is updated to Won a message is sent to Slack celebrating your victory!

Send a message to your Slack sales channel when a GoCardless mandate is created

Update your sales team automatically by notifying them on Slack that a new mandate has been created in GoCardless.

Send your Sales Slack Channel a Message when a Capsule CRM Opportunity is Won

Make sure everyone knows about your success with this workflow. When an opportunity is completed a message is automatically sent to your sales Slack channel, so you can all celebrate!

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Slack Features

Full list of all Slack API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Add Member to Channel This method is used to invite a user to a channel. The calling user must be a member of the channel. action
Create Channel Create a new channel in this team. action
List Channels List all channels in the team. get


Feature Description Type
Post Message Post a message to a public channel, private channel, or direct message/IM channel. action


Feature Description Type
Add Member to Group This method is used to invite a user to a private channel. The calling user must be a member of the private channel. action
Create Group Create a new group (private channel) in this team. action
List Groups List all groups (private channels) in the team. get


Feature Description Type
Add Member Invite a member to join your Slack team. action
List Members List all members in the team, get
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