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ProfitWell Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
List Plans List all manually-added plans. Action
Get Plan Retrieve a single manually-added plan by ID Action
Create Plan Create a new, manually-added plan. You may create a new plan using this endpoint. Alternatively, if you create a manually-added subscription and place that subscription on a plan that has never been referenced before, that plan will automatically be created. If you try to create a plan that already exists, this endpoint will return an error. Action
Update Plan Retrieve a single manually-added plan by ID Action


Feature Description Type
Delete User Completely delete a user and his subscription history. Action
Get User's Subscription History Get the history of subscription updates you've made to a user. Action
Update User Update a User's email address. Action


Feature Description Type
Update Subscription Upgrade/downgrade an existing subscription. Action
Churn Subscription Churn a subscription. Action
Create Subscription Create a new subscription. Can be for a new user, or a user who already has another subscription. Action
Un-churn Subscription Remove the churn event associated with a subscription. This rewrites history for the subscription, making it appear as thought the subscription never churned to begin with. You may do this for a subscription that has already churned, or that is set to churn in the future. Action


Feature Description Type
List Plan IDs Retrieve your company's active plan IDs, sorted by MRR. Will only return plan IDs for which there are currently active customers, and will return at most 150. Action
Get Daily Metrics Retrieve financial metrics broken down by day for either the current month or the last. Optionally scope to an individual metric and/or plan. See for metrics to filter by. Action
Get Monthly Metrics Retrieve all monthly financial metrics for your company. Optionally scope to an individual metric and/or plan. See for metrics to filter by. Action
Exclude Customer from Metrics Exclude user's data from the calculation of all metrics. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Company Account Settings Get your company's ProfitWell account settings. These include your company ID, name, timezone, and the currency in which your metrics are displayed. Action


Feature Description Type
Get API Status This endpoint returns a status code of 200 if the API is operational and if you've properly authenticated. If you haven't authenticated properly, the endpoint returns a status code of 401. Action
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