5 Reasons to integrate your SaaS natively

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Integrate your SaaS natively into your customer’s platform is a helpful way to transform your integration delivery and turn it from a problem into an opportunity.

The desire to connect applications, automate processes, and sync data, is never-ending. It is no longer enough to just have an API; easy integration with other services is now an essential purchase influencer for users.

Your application cannot exist in isolation and how you address this directly impacts your long-term ability to win and retain customers.

Integrate your SaaS Natively

Integrating your SaaS solution natively with your customers means transforming your API from the backend to the front end. This means transforming it from developer-focused to user-focused and delivering integrations natively that add value to your end-users.


Building native SaaS integrations adds value to your product. It does so by allowing customers to connect to your SaaS and other platforms.

Users then have new ways of using and enhancing their product, which helps them scale significantly and without the development time.


By being a part of your user’s software stack they can enjoy your system on a daily basis and reduce platform friction. Providing users with a system that allows them to automate repetitive tasks and collect data seamlessly and transparently. This increases the usability and stickiness of your product. 

Customer experience

Integrating your SaaS natively can improve customer satisfaction, and experience as well as reduce churn. Especially when common use cases customers want are set up as templates that are easy to implement, customise and repeat in a reliable fashion.

Customers enjoy automated business processes, improved efficiency and enhanced product capabilities.  

Gain control

Integrating natively means you won’t have to rely on third-party applications to resolve integrations.

Using third-party applications breaks the continuity of your relationship and risks exposing your customer to competitors.

Deliver faster 

If you can integrate your SaaS natively with your customers you can add connectivity in days, not months.

This means you can add transformative technology to your SaaS system in no time at all and be responsive to the needs of customers and your sales team.

How does an embedded iPaaS help integrate your SaaS natively?

Embedded iPaaS platforms are designed to help software companies build native integrations without the in-house developer backlog. 

For instance, Cyclr is a customer-centric embedded iPaaS that provides software companies with integration tools that enable them to connect APIs, build workflows and use templates for common use cases or specific customer needs in a matter of minutes. Rather than waiting weeks for your in-house development team to build the integration from scratch. They can focus on your core product functionality. 

The beauty of an embedded iPaaS is that it gives users the ability to set up automated workflows in a matter of clicks with no technical assistance. By understanding the data flow you can connect it and watch it go.

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