Cutting Time-to-Market with iPaaS

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Bringing a new feature to the market has many hurdles, but intelligent use of embedded iPaaS and SaaS solutions can accelerate time to market. As well as deliver rapid feature enhancement. These enhancements will delight users, and internal commercial teams, at the same time as lightening the development load.

There are a growing number of companies focussed entirely on this ‘embedded’ principle – the provision of a toolkit to enable you to focus primarily on the customer solution (or feature) whilst the heavy lifting from a coding/infrastructure perspective has been done by the embedded SaaS provider.

These embedded solutions exist (amongst others) across BI/Business Analytics, Payment, Subscription management, Security and of course integration.

The idea of focusing core skills on core functions is both rational and intelligent. So let’s have a quick look at how an embedded iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution might work.

Filling in the Gaps with iPaaS

The right SaaS integration platform can help you launch features faster than ever. Even before you think you might be ready to integrate with the wider World.

Is no API in place? No problem. An Embedded iPaaS solution can enable you to connect directly with databases, or other third-party data sources, to manage your user’s data.  

Already receiving a mountain of integration requests for unsupported applications? No worries. New integration requests can be activated rapidly from within your embedded iPaaS platform. It can be as simple as turning on a new connector. The creation of new integration templates can be measured in minutes, not days or weeks.

Want to release new automation features into your app? Why not integrate yourself with…yourself?!? Not as crazy an idea as it sounds. Offering time-based workflows or branching workflows (if this, then that) on top of your own API is a great way to add extra application features.

Need to offer your users bespoke integration options? Then use the same embedded iPaaS platform. A good embedded iPaaS platform should handle both ‘templated’ integrations and custom integrations. You should be able to easily create and publish integrations directly into specific user accounts.

How about streamlining internal processes like user messaging, billing and support? Not necessarily an application feature, but certainly something that can have a very real impact on customer satisfaction. Create your own integrations and workflows that help your business run smoother and give you more time to focus on what you do best.

Adding New SaaS Functionality Without Draining Resources

New products are by no means going to be the finished article when they’re released. Only when you have a horde of active users, from outside your development circle, will you be able to quash bugs and develop relevant additional features.

While integration can be a vital part of a new SaaS product’s go-to-market strategy, the best way to deliver it in a time-constrained environment is by using an embedded integration solution.

This way, your developers can put the majority of their focus into perfecting the product. Integrations can be created and deployed with a visual toolkit, in line with a marketing plan, targeting cross sections of users between you and complementary SaaS applications.

In other words – integration can be owned by the business rather than just by the development team. We’d love to speak to you in more detail about the benefits of embedded iPaaS. Please contact us here to arrange a convenient time.

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