Cyclr’s Latest Connectors – April 2020

Cyclr's latest connectors from April 2020

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We’ve released a raft of new connectors over the last month for users to include in their SaaS integrations.

Take a look at the connectors list below:

Aesthetic Record – Aesthetic Record helps you run your entire clinic from any computer, taking care of all business aspects, from anywhere in the world.

Breathe HR – Look after your people and your time, with the most cost-effective HR software on the market.

Counterpoint – Run your business. Connect with customers. Sell anywhere. NCR Counterpoint is a speciality retail management system that integrates your front end and back office seamlessly, so it’s easy to grow your business.

Envision – Powerful Web-Based Software in an Easy-to-Use Package

Less Annoying CRM – Less Annoying CRM allows users to track and organize their contacts and leads without a headache. Simple, easy, powerful, and less annoying.

Magento 2 Webhooks – Add webhooks to your Magento 2 installation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Custom Object – Connector to work with custom entity types in Dynamics.

PayJunction – Accept payments anywhere, manage all activity in the cloud and receive award-winning service.

ProfitWell – Outcome-centered products that reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow your subscription business end-to-end.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Powerful digital marketing platform letting you connect to customers in a whole new way.

Salesforce Service Cloud – Give your customers the information and support they need with Service Cloud – the customer service and support application that you can customise to fit your business needs.

SalesNexus – Online CRM and Email Marketing built by salespeople for salespeople.

Shireburn – Shireburn develops and supports business software solutions for accounting, inventory, retail and catering, and HR/payroll.

Springboard – Mobile Omnichannel POS and Retail Management System designed for brands & retailers, by retailers.

Tan-Link – From customer engagement, marketing, sales, employee engagement, selling and tracking memberships, collecting past due through the fully automated system, fully integrated online store, automated account handling and much more, Tan-Link is all about getting the last dollar of profit out of your business.

Twilio Voice – Build conversations anywhere. Make, receive, and monitor calls around the world using the Voice API that developers rely on.

UpLaunch – A fitness CRM that doesn’t suck.

Voyage – SMS marketing and messaging that grows your eCommerce business.

Wattsense – The new standard in building connectivity. Wattsense is a non-intrusive building connectivity service. We help facility managers deliver operational efficiency.

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