Embedded Integration – What Do You Do And What Do We Do?

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An embedded integration platform for SaaS companies is a relatively new proposition and not one that everyone is familiar with. Here, we try to explain what it means and how the roles are split between the Customer, you the SaaS company and Cyclr.

Respective Roles In Embedded SaaS Integration

The basic premise on which Cyclr is built is that the creation of integrations is split into two parts. The code and the solution.

The code’ is where you create the capability for application A to communicate with application B. Every SaaS company that wants to self-create a direct integration starts by understanding the third-party application ‘B’ and coding the communication capabilities.

Cyclr takes away the need to code because we create and maintain the building blocks. As a result, this part is ‘out of the box’.

The solution’ is where APIs are instructed to interact to achieve a real-life objective (e.g. data movement or trigger-based action). Here Cyclr powers the creation of the solution using a GUI interface. You, the SaaS company, own and create the solution itself.

In headline roles that means that:

Create Connectors to enable communication between applicationsCreate the integration workflows in Cyclr
Maintain Connectors Manage the integration workflows in Cyclr
Handle the user authorisation process between applicationsManage end-user data errors
Provide the environment and toolkit (GUI interface) for you to quickly create integration and automation solutions using the ConnectorsManage end-user queries in relation to any authorisation level issues
Provide the tools for you to deliver these solutions to your end-users in various UI formsCustomise the UI interface (if required)
Provide an environment for handling and responding to data errorsProvide support to your end users
Provide an account management and monitoring dashboard 
Provide Support to you 

We also host the application if you are in our Start-Up or Business plans. We offer the ability for you to select Private Hosting if you select our Enterprise Plan (in this instance you will control the private instance with our support).

Your Integration Toolkit

In short, we own and manage the ‘tools’ and you own and manage your customer and the integration workflows required to meet their objectives.

Cyclr enables you to rapidly deliver more direct integrations in an agile (i.e you can adapt and change them quickly) form. One of the main benefits of using Cyclr is that it requires a lot lower engineering overhead than you would require to deliver them directly from scratch. But you must still manage them, the solution is after all the magic sauce that keeps your clients happy. 

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