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Adrian is an experienced Software Developer currently working at Cyclr an embedded iPaaS software company.

“Senior management is open with the company’s progression and it’s always great to see what is going on in the quarterly performance reviews” – Adrian Wright

What does your developer role entail?

At Cyclr my job entails writing code to build features for the Cyclr platform and fix bugs. Occasionally I am assigned the role of answering support queries and investigating issues and feature requests for the support team and other developers, which becomes my main priority.

What’s the development process for a feature from start to finish?

It looks a little something like this, first I’ll attend a kickoff meeting to get an overview of the feature. This is where our UX designer Jordan brings the visual designs and CPO describes the functionality. 

Next, JIRA tickets are created to split the work and estimate the timeline using points (points being a measure of complexity). I’ll get started on writing code to bring the feature to life. 

Once I feel happy with what I’ve produced, it gets reviewed by another developer in the Platform team and I will action any suggestions they have. After code review, the feature gets tested by a member of the QA team and then handed off for documentation. 

After release, the feature is then supported by the Platform team, but not necessarily by myself.

Where do you work?

Predominantly I work from home and have done so since the pandemic. But I do really enjoy coming into the office to work alongside and speak to other team members. 

How did your role and work life change during the pandemic (if at all?)

Prior to joining Cyclr, my role was hybrid, half office-based and remote work. When the pandemic hit, I began fully working from home. 

For me, this was a comfortable change but I miss the day-to-day interactions in the office Cyclr provides me with more flexibility in my work/life balance.

What was your journey into your developer role?

After A-Levels, I went to college and took a course in IT and computing. It entailed a work placement for an office-based role looking after computers and networks which naturally got me into the tech industry. 

After a few years, I migrated into software development where I developed skills in programming by learning on the job. 

I have worked at Hewlett Packard on some of their MOD projects, and then from this, I worked on a vehicle quoting system which used a third party for the vehicle data. This naturally brought me to work for the vehicle data platform. 

From this, I had the amazing opportunity to work for Cyclr given my vast experience. 

What skills have you developed during your time in the role?

Since joining Cyclr I have further developed my skills with MySQL, AWS and other new software associated with infrastructure. 

What do you like most about working at Cyclr?

I enjoy working with the people at Cyclr and how open the senior management is to company progression. It is always great to see what is going on in the quarterly performance reviews. 

How closely do you work with other team members?

In regards to other teams, I work closely with the QA testing team going back and forth to keep a high standard of work. 

I also work with the Support team for bug fixes and issues the customers may be facing in the platform which I can provide my support with. Finally, I also work with the SAs (Solution Architects) for technical support on platform-related items. 

Finally, Cyclr helps people build integrations. What integrations do you rely on in your role?

For me, the integrations I use revolve around JIRA. We have integrations across various teams to provide transparency.

I also work with various GitHub and Slack integrations on a daily basis.

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