Meet the Team, Eduardo Martin Reyes Connector Developer

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Meet Eduardo, one of Cyclr's Connector Developers

Eduardo is an experienced developer and currently working at Cyclr an embedded iPaaS.

“When I joined it was a small company and I like that I am growing with the company” – Eduardo Marting Reyes

Firstly, what is a Connector?

A Connector is a representation of an application’s API and APIs are used to interact with other applications, and Cyclr connects these.

What does your Connector Developer job entail?

As a part of the Connector team, I build and manage the lifecycle of Connectors. I also look at occasional support tickets to update Connectors, add new functionality to existing Connectors and clarify details on new Connector builds for Partners. 

What’s the Connector build process from start to finish?

The Solutions Architects give us requirements and we build a Proof of Concept for a Connector to begin with. 

Once the partner signs on, we add the rest of the functionality they require. The Connector goes through two internal peer review processes to ensure quality. Then push the Connector to live.

Where do you work?

I work at home but come to East Croydon once a quarter for team workshops and social events. The team also meet on the last Wednesday of each month in our Brighton office. 

How did your role and work life change during the pandemic (if at all?)

I was working in an office in my previous role, and since the pandemic, I have worked from home. I’m happy as this has improved my personal life, and family life and saved me money on commuting and childcare.

What was your journey into your role? 

I studied Photography but this didn’t go well so I went to university to do an IT & Computing course. I got a job as a PHP full-stack developer, but then COVID happened shortly after and I was made redundant. 

Then I joined Cyclr, fortunately prior to joining I had some API experience which I felt made me well suited to a Connector Developer role.

What skills have you developed during your time in the role?

Since joining Cyclr I have gained lots of knowledge about different APIs and had the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of them. I have also learnt more about the authentication process and developed JavaScript proficiency. 

Working as part of a team has meant I have improved my soft skills and efficiency as you’re working on tickets which have time restraints.

What do you like most about working at Cyclr?

When I joined it was a smaller organisation, it has grown so much since then and I like that I am growing with the company. Cyclr provides great working environments and the team that I work with is a good bunch of people. I also really like the flexible working from home and see it as a great benefit.

How closely do you work with other team members?

On a day-to-day basis, I work with the Support team as well as Customer Success Managers and Solution Architects. Sales occasionally approach the team for Proof of Concepts, and we work with the Platform team for various technical requests.

Finally, Cyclr helps people build integrations. What integrations do you rely on in your role?

We use Cyclr to automate daily processes using Google Sheets, JIRA and Trello. For example, we have an integration to assign and update support tickets.

This is super helpful in automating manual and repetitive tasks, resulting in boosting our efficiency and productivity.

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