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Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It's free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

Connector Methods


Get Card SumaryGets details of the specified card. Action
Get Cards By Board SearchThis method will return a list of all cards in a board include in the search. Action
Get Cards for BoardGets the cards for the specified Board Action
Get Card BoardGets the Board that this card is on. Action
Add CardAdds a new Card. Action
Delete CardDeletes the specified card. Action
Update CardUpdates the details of a Card. Action
Get New CardsGets new cards. Action
Get Modified CardsGet cards that have been edited. Action
Get Card DetailGet full details of a Card. Action


Get BoardGet details of a single board Action
Update BoardUpdates the details of a Board Action
Create BoardThis method creates a new Board Action
Delete BoardDeletes the speechified board Action
Add Board ListAdds a list to a Board. Action


Get Board ListsGet the lists for the specified Board. Action
Get ListGets details of the specifed List. Action
Update ListUpdates the properties of a List. Action
Create ListCreates a new list on a Board. Action


Get Board LabelsGet the labels for the specified Board. Action
Add Board LabelAdds a Label to a Board. Action
Delete Board LabelDeletes a Label from a Board. Action
Update Label ColorUpdates the color of a Label. Action
Add Label to CardAdds a label to a Card. Action
Delete Label from CardDeletes a label from a Card. Action
Get Card LabelsGets the Labels on a Card. Action


Get Card ChecklistsGets the Checklists for a Card. Action
Add Card ChecklistThis method adds a Checklist to a Card. Action
Add Card Checklist ItemAdds an item to an existing Checklist. Action
Delete Card ChecklistDeletes a Card Checklist. Action
Delete Card Checklist ItemDeletes an Item from a Checklist attached to a Card. Action
Get Checklist ItemGets details of the specified Checklist Item. Action


Get Card ActionsGets the Actionss associated with the Card, Action
Get Card ActionGet the specified Action. Action
Delete Card ActionDeleted a card action. Action


Get Card AttachmentsGets the card Attachments. Action


Get Member Action
Get Card MembersGets the members of a Card. Action
Add Card MemberAdds a Member to a Card. Action
Get Board MembersGets the Members for a Board, Action
Update MemberUpdates a Members details. Action
Copy of Get Member Action


Get TeamGets the details of the specified Team (aka Organization). Action
Get Team BoardsGets the Boards for the specified Team (aka Organization). Action
Update TeamUpdates the details of a Team (aka Organisation) Action
Delete TeamDeletes a Team (aka Organization) Action
Add TeamAdds a Team (aka Organiszation). Action
Get Team MembersGets the Members of a Team (aka Organization). Action


Get Enterprise Action


Add Card CommentAdds a comment to a Card. Action

Custom Fields

Create Custom FieldCreates a Custom Field on the specified Board. Action
Get Custom FieldGet's details of a Custom Field. Action
Update Custom FieldUpdates details of a Custom Field. Action
Set Custom Field ValueSet the value of a Custom Field on Card. Action
Delete Custom FieldDeletes a Custom Field from a Board. Action

Event Triggers

Board ChangedReceives an action for when a board is updated. Use "Action Type And Translation Key" to filter the events you are interested in. Webhook
List ChangedReceives an action for when a List is updated. Use "Action Type And Translation Key" to filter the events you are interested in. Webhook
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