SaaS Conferences 2023: What are we attending? 

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Last year we attended several SaaS conferences and events, it was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, B2B businesses and SaaS enthusiasts. Therefore this year we are endeavouring to attend more events.

What events are we excited about in 2023?


Wheen: 16th – 17th March

SaaSOpen gets over 1000 plus SaaS leaders together to discuss and share the future of software.

The conference will be broken up into 4 stages for SaaS founders, CMO’s, heads of product, sales and engineering. As a result, attendees can expect talks across all these key areas. The SaaSOpen conference operates in a way that everyone can learn and be inspired. 


When: 18th – 19th April

SaaSiest, is a large community-driven B2B SaaS event. It is run over two days and gathers over 1200 SaaS founders, executives and VCs under one roof. The attendees will share their experiences and best practices with fellow SaaS founders.

The conference is an ideal opportunity to engage in meaningful networking and relationship building. As well as learn from fellow SaaS entrepreneurs in a range of motivating and inspiring talks.

Web Summit 

When: 1st – 4th May

Web Summit brings together 15,000-plus people and companies redefining the tech industry. For the first time, hosted outside Europe in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

The conference draws some of the biggest names in tech and business to discuss and share expertise. As well as amazing networking opportunities that connect people from the tech industry across the globe. 

The conference has a range of speakers from top tech companies such as Airbnb, Revolut, GitHub and more. These speakers will be sharing their experiences and expert knowledge with attendees about enterprise software solutions and other emerging technologies/trends.

Dublin Tech Summit 

When: 31st May – 1st June

Dublin’s Tech Summit is considered one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech festivals. It is a two-day conference that brings together an international community of innovators, thought leaders and influencers to learn, network and innovate. 

The conference hosts a diverse group of tech speakers to inform and inspire attendees about cutting-edge trends, expose future innovations and help maximise today’s technology.  

SaaStr EUROPA 2023

When: 6th – 7th June

SaaStr Europa is a two-day conference that brings together over 4000 SaaS founders, VCs and executives. It is a great event and opportunity for attendees to go to workshops and sessions with like-minded professionals to learn, brainstorm and connect.

We are excited to say that Cyclr will be there!

Turing Fest

When: 28th – 29th June

Turing Fest is one of Europe’s best cross-functional tech conferences designed for tech startups, revenue teams, leaders, thinkers and innovators. It is a place for sharing knowledge, and ideas and building meaningful business connections.

The speakers from different tech backgrounds and businesses share their practical insights, tips and techniques. All of these have helped them achieve their success and can be applied to your business, product and teams.


When: 16th – 19th October

SaaStock is a multi-day conference for SaaS founders, executives and investors across Europe. The event educates attendees on how to accelerate their revenue with actionable content and over 150 speakers from a range of businesses and backgrounds. 

SaaStock is one of the world’s most impactful conferences for SaaS founders. It is the perfect environment for SaaS founders and their teams to grow their networks, build valuable connections and enjoy doing it.

SaaStock is a staple in the Cyclr diary and we are excited to be attending later this year we hope to see you there! 

Brighton SEO

When: 20th – 21st April 2023

Brighton SEO is a local event for Cyclr and ConnectorEngine as it takes place on Brighton seafront. The event is an excellent opportunity for our marketing team to learn from fellow businesses and experts on the latest marketing trends. 

At the conference, we will be showcasing our latest product offering ConnectorEngine. 

ConnectorEngine is the sister product of Cyclr and makes automation for marketing services simple. In other words, ConnectorEngine eases managing, connecting and automating data flows on behalf of clients in a multi-tenanted environment with client-segregated accounts.

The application empowers marketing service teams to rapidly create, manage and deliver customer-specific data automation in a standardised format. These will help you save time, drive revenue and scale.

Final Thoughts on these SaaS Conferences 2023

We are looking forward to attending events this year, meeting other SaaS founders, executives and enthusiasts and seeing what trends, ideas and innovations come from them.

Also, we are excited to be partnering with several events and sharing the power Cyclr can have in helping your business grow its integration functionality.

If you want to learn more get in touch.

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