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Updated on by Fraser Davidson

Hand’s up if your API is perfect?


Okay, we are going to admit it. Even our own API isn’t finished yet. 


Because as our platform grows we develop new functions. As we grow our client base we understand user requirements better. As we explore the realms of what’s possible we realise just how much more we could do.

In truth when we envisaged Cyclr we thought everyone would use our GUI (Graphical User Interface). Turns out some people want to drive Cyclr via the Cyclr API and, when you do, you can extend the functions even further.

We totally underestimated our API. Kind of ironic as we are an API business : )

Why tell you this?

Mainly because we meet so many businesses that haven’t yet finished their API (see this other blog on a similar topic) and we need to get a message across. 

When you are our client – we will iterate your connector as you iterate your API. We’re on the same journey, we know what it takes and……. we know it’s never finished. We have no expectation of a ‘Perfect API’ (chance would be a fine thing) when we start working with clients, we are used to it.

Get your Auth process sorted, develop a couple of methods and endpoints and lets’ go on a journey together. We are always happy to share (and receive) feedback – we are all, after all, a part of the API economy.

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