Why you should attend and what to expect from SaaStr Europa 2023!

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SaaStr Europa is back in London for its 4th event, bringing together 4,000 SaaS founders, VCs and executives.

What is SaaStr?

SaaStr Europe is a large 2-day event for the business software industry that sees founders and CEOs of major tech companies in one place. 

This June it is in London’s Tobacco Dock on the 6th and 7th. 

At the conference, visitors have the opportunity to participate in workshops, Braindates and networking opportunities. As well as listen to a range of different speakers from leading tech companies. 

Why should you attend SaaStr?

There are numerous reasons why you should attend SaaStr Europa this year. We’ve put together a few reasons why and the benefits of attending. 

Connect and Build Relationships

Events like SaaStr Europa are a great opportunity for attendees to connect with fellow SaaS enthusiasts in the heart of London. These events enable you to have meaningful conversations while expanding your network and catching up with friends and colleagues. At SaaStr you’ll have an abundance of chances to share your thoughts about business trends, markets and upcoming products with potential business partners, entrepreneurs and founders. 

Learn from SaaS Experts

At SaaStr Europa there will be over 100+ hours of talks and content for you to consume. They have a broad range of excellent speakers lined up to discuss their tech journeys, the challenges they faced and the lessons they learnt. The talks are designed to inspire attendees from the most innovative software companies in the world. Then take these learnings back to their teams to discuss, innovate and implement.

Gain Visibility for your Business

The event is all about meeting and learning from each other and the main benefit of the conference is gaining visibility for not only yourself but your business. Tell people what you are working on, participate in conversations, and meetings as well as leverage event partners. It is an ideal opportunity to discuss different products and see how they can help scale your business. 

Ultimately, SaaStr Europa is an amazing opportunity to be part of the huge SaaS community that has formed.

What should you expect from SaaStr?

At SaaStr Europa there are tonnes of talks from experts at leading tech companies. We’ve put together a short list of the speakers we are looking forward to listening to.

DateTalk TitleSpeakerRoleSaaS CompanyStage
Tues 06 JuneCustomer Centricity: Founder Secrets to Hitting Hypergrowth with Vanta’s CEOChristina CacioppoCEO & Co-FounderVantaCantina Stage Quayside 1
Tues 06 JuneThe Product Market Fit Deception: What Else You Really Need for Long-Term Scaling with Exclaimer’s CEO and CMOCarol Howley

Marco Costa

ExclaimerCantina Stage Quayside 1
Tues 06 JuneThe Most Important Marketing Lessons Learned from Zapier and HubSpot with Zapier’s CMOKieran FlanaganCMOZapierStage B – Little Gallery
Wed 07 JuneBuilding a Foundation for Sustained Growth and Resilience: Lessons from Scaling to $5B with Cockroach Labs’ CEOSpencer KimballCEO & Co-FounderCockroach LabsStage A – Great Gallery
Wed 07 JuneWhy SaaS Metrics are Broken: Time for the Next Era Metrics Playbook with OpenViewKyle PoyarOperating PartnerOpenViewWorkshop Stage: East Mall 1
Wed 07 JuneRaising Capital in 2023: What It Takes to Raise in the Current Market (And the Data to Prove It) with CreandumPeter SpechtPartnerCreandumStage B – Little Gallery

These talks are designed to inspire attendees and provide actionable insights for you to take back to your teams to discuss and perhaps implement new innovative processes. 

As well as all the talks, SaaStr provides you with the opportunity to attend or book Braindates. These are 1:1 or small group meetings with SaaS executives and are designed for you to share knowledge and network with fellow SaaS leaders.

Of course, there are several parties for you to attend on both evenings. Attendees have the chance to relax, let their hair down, chat and meet new SaaS community members.

Check out the full SaaStr Europa schedule.

Cyclr will be there!

Why are we telling you all this? Well, not only are we attending but we are sponsoring SaaStr Europa 2023! 

We are eager to meet and learn about how you are tackling your SaaS integration needs. Head over to connect and chat with us about all things integration, embedded iPaaS and APIs. 

We’ll have some great merch up for grabs and we’ll be planting trees. 

If you want to make sure you have a chance to have a chat with us be sure to book a meeting with us. 

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