Why you’ll want to integrate your product with Google Sheets

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What is Google Sheets?

The application allows multiple users to work simultaneously, to edit, organise and analyse different types of information. Google Sheets is a collaborative tool where users can see colleagues’ edits as they make them and everything is saved automatically. As well as being tracked by revision history. 

It is a web-based spreadsheet application that allows users to create and edit spreadsheets with others online and in real-time. The Google product sits within a suite of other applications including Google Docs, Slides and others. 

Key Takeaways

  • Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application.
  • Using an embedded iPaaS like Cyclr to connect your SaaS to Google Sheets can enhance your connectivity.
  • An embedded marketplace can organise all your Google Sheets integrations for easy access and deployment.
  • Integrating via Cyclr means you’ll maintain control, reduce customer churn and minimise your developer backlog.

How would a Google Sheets integration with Cyclr work?

Use an embedded iPaaS, like Cyclr to connect your SaaS to Google Sheets and enhance your connectivity. With an embedded iPaaS you’ll be able to connect, build, deploy and monitor all native integrations with the application in your SaaS. 

A Google Sheets integration via Cyclr will help your customers with data-driven decisions and allow them to boost their productivity. As a result, they will have access to data in real-time to create and collaborate for faster insights. It will also help you stay competitive with strategic, reusable, and scalable API integrations.

For instance, getting the value of a cell or replacing a row in the spreadsheet from an external trigger such as new data input from a CRM. 

A graphic illustration of an integration workflow depicting the Google Sheets end point 'Get Cell Value'

With an embedded iPaaS anyone can create reliable integrations directly in your SaaS application. As a result, your development overhead is reduced and your customers can implement integrations effortlessly with an embedded marketplace.

A white-labelled marketplace is customisable to your SaaS branding and where you can list all of your Google Sheets integrations. This is where customers can browse through the possible integrations, find what they need and click through the necessary steps to install the integration in seconds. 

Building native integrations with an embedded iPaaS means you’ll scale your integration operation faster and as a result, you’ll see an improved customer experience. 

Integration End-Point Examples

Here are a small handful of the method and end-point possibilities available after integrating your SaaS via Cyclr to Google Sheets.


  • Add a new row and save new invoices to the spreadsheet
  • When a new vendor has been added to accounting create a new row in a Google Sheet 


  • Add new form entries as a new row in the spreadsheet

Data Tools

  • Update data tool from new or updated rows in the spreadsheet
  • Update the dashboard from new rows in the spreadsheet

Check out our Google Sheets Connector page for even more available methods and endpoints.

Benefits of using an embedded iPaaS

Transform your integration delivery from a problem to an opportunity, with an embedded iPaaS you’ll have the benefit of connecting to hundreds of other SaaS apps quickly and efficiently. At the same time, you’ll maintain control, reduce customer churn and minimise your developer backlog. 

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