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Enterprise: Critical integrations to improve your processes

An Enterprise is typically a technically literate organisation that seeks to control its own ecosystem. They tend to hold lots of data across multiple systems these can be siloed within departments. Hindering an employee’s day-to-day tasks due to a lack of dynamic data access. 

Using integrations can streamline enterprise services and allow enterprises to remain in control of their application ecosystem. 

For instance, our hypothetical enterprise ‘Crop’, a farming distribution organisation have noticed data silos forming. They desperately need to build integrations to remove these issues. Then employees can benefit from viewing customers as a whole rather than a restricted view across departments. To do this implementing a dashboard application can help. Data from your external customers or other applications can be fed into it. Keeping data in one place and accessible.

  • Dashboarding applications can combine external data sources and tools with your application’s development environment to enhance your data. As well as providing users with a single view of customers rather than spread across multiple applications or locked in data silos.
  • Databases used in conjunction with dashboarding applications can update or upload new data instantly after the database has received it from your CRM, or other integrated applications. 

An iPaaS can enable enterprise teams to create useful, repeatable workflows with visual interactive tools. These help drive efficiency across departments and allow customers to deploy integrations quickly. 

Enterprise Integrations

Enterprise Integration Benefits

Data control

Connect and manage data from all of your sources and create opportunities for organisational optimisation and efficiency.


Visual integrations standardise the building process which makes it easier for team collaboration. This opens up the integration building process to non-developers.

Private deployment

Integrations can be deployed within your private stack giving you greater control over your data and setup. 

Overall using integrations via an embedded iPaaS whether you are a Startup, Established SaaS or Enterprise can help eliminate data silos, improve efficiency, reduce customer churn, increase leads and improve a customer’s experience.

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