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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a powerful CRM platform that deals with inbound marketing, sales and operations. The platform helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close and retain customers.

It achieves this through its hubs, for instance, its marketing hub. These individual hubs equip organisations to manage their marketing, sales, service and operations effectively. This is because are connected to the CRM platform providing a single source of truth and a unified view of an organisation’s data to help them grow their business.

How would a HubSpot integration with Cyclr work?

Use an embedded iPaaS, like Cyclr to connect your SaaS to HubSpot. Cyclr can help you stay competitive by building strategic, reusable, and scalable API integrations with HubSpot. An embedded iPaaS enables your citizen integrators to create reliable integrations directly in your SaaS application. As well as quick and seamless deployment with an embedded integration marketplace for your customers.

For instance, creating new contacts in HubSpot from new email subscribers. As well as updating subscription preferences from a customer account update. 

The integrations created can be found in an integration marketplace. This means you can list all your HubSpot integrations in one place. As a result, your customers can browse through the possible integrations. They can find what they need and click through the necessary steps to install the integration in seconds. 

HubSpot Integration Marketplace

Embedded iPaaS integration with HubSpot enables connection, creation and deployment of native integrations directly in-app. This gives you the capability to serve your customers with powerful, delightful experiences and integration tools that help them to grow better, increase leads, accelerate sales and streamline their services. 

As a result, you’ll start serving your customer integration requests natively and scale your SaaS integrations faster. 

Integration End-Point Examples

Here are a small handful of the method and end-point possibilities available after you’ve integrated your SaaS via Cyclr to HubSpot.


  • List campaigns with recent activity: for a given portal, return all email campaign IDs sorted by recent activity associated with the portal.
  • List blog posts: lists all blog posts for a HubSpot account.


  • List new deals: list all deals that have been created since the last run.
  • List form submissions since the last run: returns a list of submissions for the specified form since the last successful run.


  • Create a new ticket: creates a new ticket based on the action taken beforehand
  • List tickets: returns a list of all tickets


  • Create task engagement: create task engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Upsert event: create a new event, or update an existing event.

Check out our HubSpot Connector page for even more available methods and endpoints.

Benefits of using an embedded iPaaS to integrate with HubSpot

First and foremost integrations save you and your team time. When used in tandem with an embedded iPaaS there is no integration development backlog. This is because template workflows and connectors are already built. All your team needs to do is add some customisation if required for the use case. 

Integrations can then be stored in an easy-to-navigate integration marketplace that enables quick user deployment. As a result, you are able to stay in control of your native integrations. This also means you longer have to send users off to third-party apps to complete an integration. 

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