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Connector Methods

Marketing Lists

Get Marketing Lists Action
Create Marketing ListCreates new marketing list. Optionally you can associate it with a campaign. Action
Get Marketing List Action
Add Contact to Marketing List Action
Delete Contact from Marketing List Action
Get New Marketing Lists Action
Get Contacts in Marketing List Action
Marketing Lists Lookup Action
Tag Marketing List Action
Get Tags for Marketing List Action
Check Exists Marketing List Action


Get Contact Subscription PreferencesContact subscription preferences Action
Update ContactUpdates a contact. Action
Add ContactCreate a new contact Action
Get ContactGets all details of a contract Action
Get Contacts By EmailGet contacts by email address Action
Add/Update Email ContactUpdate/insert email contact. Action
Subscribe to Sub-Preference Action
Erase Contact Action
Get Contact StatusGets the various status for a contact - overall, email, direct mail & SMS. Action
Update Contact Subscribe StatusUpdate Contact subscribe status by email address for email, mail, sms and telemarketing channels. 'true' for subscribed or 'false' for unsubscribed. Action
Unsubscribe from Sub-Preference Action


Get Opt-Out Sub-Preferences Action

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