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Trustpilot is the world's most powerful review platform, working to inspire ever-improving experiences for everyone.

Connector Methods

Product Reviews

Get Product Reviews SummaryGet a summary of product reviews for a single or multiple SKU(s) or Product URL(s). Action
List Top Rated ProductsList the highest rated products. Action
List Product ReviewsList product reviews. Action
List New Product ReviewsList new product reviews, since the last run. Action
List Updated Product ReviewsList product reviews updated since the last run. Action


List Business Unit's Web LinksList profile and evaluation links for a given business unit. Action
Get Business UnitGet a single business unit by URL. Action
Search For Business UnitsSearch for business units, even if you only know part of the name. For example, search results for "Trustpilot" would show "", among others. Action


Create CommentCreate a new comment for a given conversation. Action
Create Review ConversationCreate a product review conversation. Action


Create Service Review InvitationsCreate email invitations for service reviews. Action
Create Product Review InvitationsCreate email invitations for product reviews. Action

Business Reviews

List Business ReviewsList all reviews written about a business unit. Action
List New Business ReviewsList new reviews written about a business unit since the last run. Action
List Updated Business ReviewsList a business unit's reviews updated since the last run. Action


List ProductsList the products associated with a business unit. Action
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