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Social media has become ingrained into our everyday lives with the average number of social media accounts at 8.4 per person in 2020. With 4.48 billion worldwide users it makes sense that marketing teams use social media as a key part of their marketing strategy. 

With integrations, marketing teams can extend their marketing strategy with additional social media functionality. 

What is social media?

Social media is a term used to describe websites and apps that focus on communication, interaction and content-sharing. Social media channels are often used to update and interact with friends, family and other communities.

There are numerous examples of social networks that specialise in connecting people, thoughts, and ideas. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular and largest social media platforms. Other examples include LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. 

Popular Social Media Connectors for Integrations

Typical Form Integrations

Social media integrations can take many forms. Whether that’s for content creation, ads or follower engagement each can extend your marketing strategy and streamline your social media processes. 

Social Media and Database Integrations

Keep track of new followers and posts across each social media channel with database integrations. 

Using database integrations with social media can help save time and at the same time compose new content. For instance, when a new row is created in a database it automatically triggers the creation of new posts for specific social channels.

Social Media Integration and Database

Other social media and database integration examples:

  • Record new social media followers into a database 
  • Add new tweets to a database
  • Save new social posts as new rows in a database
  • Create new social media posts from new rows created in a database

Social Media and Website Integrations

Boost your brand awareness with integrations that automatically post your latest content creation to social media channels. 

For instance, when new content is published on a website, whether blog posts, company updates or new products, integrations are able to take this new information and feed the data into your social channels. As a result, platforms will create new social posts with the information and images to be shared with followers. In addition, you could incorporate a social media content calendar that can schedule the latest posts. 

Social Media Integrations and Website

Other social media and website integration examples:

  • Create a new social post from a new website post with an image
  • Make new WordPress articles from social media posts
  • Create a social media post for a new product on the website
  • Create social media company updates from new blog posts

Social Media and Communication Integrations

Stay in touch with employees, customers and users with social media and communication integrations. 

Integrations can help notify the right channels and people when your organisation is mentioned in a tweet, tagged on Facebook or shared on YouTube. For example, a workflow could be designed to send out daily, weekly or monthly email summaries with data captured from social media accounts about new mentions, shares and followers. 

Social Media Integrations and Communication

Other social media and communication integration examples:

  • Send email alerts for any tweet mentioned via Gmail 
  • Get Slack notifications for new social media followers
  • Get email alerts for new social media mentions and email summaries of those mentions daily, weekly or monthly 
  • Share new email marketing campaigns on social media

Social Media and Calendar Integrations

Incorporating your calendar and social media is useful, especially if you organise regular events. 

For instance, an integration can share new calendar events as posts on social media. Then later remind fans of upcoming events hours, days or weeks in advance. An extension would be to post on social channels when it starts making sure no one misses out!

Social Media Integrations and Calendar

Other social media and calendar integration examples:

  • Post social media posts when calendar events start
  • Remind fans of upcoming calendar events on social media pages
  • Share new calendar events on social media 
  • Create new calendar events from new social media ad leads

How are these form integrations beneficial to an organisation?

Building and using social media integrations is beneficial for an organisation, especially the organisation’s marketing team, as they help to automate big data processes. As well as streamline content creation, and track follower numbers, mentions and overall engagement. 

When used in conjunction with other SaaS applications in your ecosystem you can move relevant data quickly and easily. Helping to remove mundane manual processes and boost productivity.

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