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The integration building process has been given a major overhaul with the emergence of integration platforms as a service technology. Offering a simpler, streamlined way of integrating wide ranges of different (architecturally and functionally) software, it has a wide range of uses.

But not all iPaaS are the same, or suitable for all types of integration requirements. Which is why we have a range of resources for helping you to learn more about integration platforms and where they are most effective.

iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service, and iPaaS solutions provide tools to aid in the creation and maintenance of integrations.

They give users ready-made tools and elements to construct connections between systems. It is able to run automations and logic providing more than just simple updates from one platform to another.

There is a clear distinction between iPaaS and embedded iPaaS. An iPaaS is usually used for internal company automations.

Whereas an embedded iPaaS is aimed at SaaS companies. A white-labelled product embeddable into their SaaS product. Giving their end-users the opportunity to integrate with third-party applications and automate their processes. 

If you need a standardised, scalable way to integrate with a wide range of cloud software then iPaaS will greatly reduce your development overhead and time to market.

Providing a range of pre-built tools, iPaaS has been created to enable companies to easily work with different data types over disparate systems, to create advanced integration automations to effectively manage data. 

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